RVT Registration Renewal

2021-2022 NBVMA/EVTA Registration Renewal

Online NBVMA/EVTA registration renewal and payment is available by clicking the link https://members.nbvma-amvnb.ca/ on or after May 1, 2021

Please provide your current contact information as this is how both associations will communicate with you.

All fees (NBVMA + EVTA) must be submitted to the NBVMA.

Please note that fees are to be paid no later than May 31st. Dues not received by May 31st will be subject to a $50.00 EVTA + $50.50+ HST NBVMA late fee for a total of $108.10.

Continuing Education

Please record your CE hours and upload your CE certificates via the member portal https://members.nbvma-amvnb.ca. Please use the file types .pdf .jpeg or .png for your uploads.

All information contained in the portal is on a secure server and is accessed only by the registrar. All RVTs must complete 15 hours of CE per year.

Continuing education may be completed by any or all of the following activities:

Any activity not listed may be submitted to the Registrar for consideration as being valid CE and credit assigned.