Fredericton, NB | July 2024

Are you a devoted veterinarian yearning for a career that fills your heart with joy?  SouthPaw Animal Hospital nestled in the serene landscapes of Fredericton, warmly welcomes you to become part of our compassionate and vibrant family.

Grow with Paws and Hearts!

Family Spirit: Support, encouragement, and laughter fill our clinic as we journey together in the pursuit of animal wellness.

Diverse Patient Care: We cater to the needs of dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

Mentorship: Our commitment to your growth is unwavering. Receive one-on-one mentoring in surgery, medicine, exotics, and ultrasound.

Special Interests: Have a unique area of interest? We'll go above and beyond to help you pursue your passion within veterinary medicine.

Community Connections: From lending a paw to local shelters, to volunteering with organizations like NOMV, and running programs like Safe For Pets Too, our impact extends far beyond our clinic doors.

Work-Life Balance: Say goodbye to evening and weekend shifts! We understand that life comes first, and we prioritize a healthy work-life balance for our team.

On-Call Support: Join a shared on-call coverage team of approximately 15 veterinarians, ensuring a manageable workload and a good night’s rest.

Rewarding Compensation: Your dedication and expertise are valued with a competitive salary package.

Lifelong Learning: Fuel your thirst for knowledge with continuous education allowances.

RRSP Matching: Secure your financial future with our RRSP matching program.

Comprehensive Health Benefits: Enjoy 100% coverage of a health plan, including unlimited access to mental health support.

Join us as we weave moments of love and healing into the lives of animals and our community. To apply, email, text or call Jen at / (902) 388-1497.