Various Equipment for Sale

Saint John, NB | July 2024

Various Equipment for Sale in Saint John, New Brunswick

Two lead aprons and two lead thyroid collars. Extras that we had sitting on the shelf. We radiographed them to make sure they didn’t have any cracks and they are good to go! Asking $250 for all. Pics of x-rays taken of them and of the gowns and collars themselves available on request. Shipping extra if applicable.

Radiology Cassettes. Seven x 14” x 17” and Four x 24cm x 30cm with Green 400 screens. These have been sitting on a shelf for years. They are generally in excellent condition (Pics available on request) but there may be a couple that aren’t quite as good. Asking $75 for all. Shipping extra if applicable.

One VetScanVS2 Blood Machine for sale. Serviced/repaired in May 2022 and worked well after this. We have since upgraded our CBC machine and an upgraded VS2 was part of the deal. We no longer need our workhorse. Asking $1500. Shipping extra if applicable.

Vet ABC CBC machine for parts. Will not pass start ups. There may be some parts that are useable. On it’s way to the dumpster unless someone wants to take it away. Shipping extra if applicable.

Engler Son-Mate Ultrasonic Scaler/Polisher available. Excellent condition, several extra motors and numerous attachments to go with it. Includes water tank. Asking $500 to clear it off my shelf. Much more than that in the value of the parts. Shipping extra if applicable.

Contact: Sarah Holland


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