Fredericton, NB | June 2018

If you are looking for a job, we are looking for a vet. We have all of the same toys as all the other clinics. We practice great medicine and do amazing surgery…like all the other clinics. We offer all the same benefits as all the other clinics, and we will pay you at least as well as the other clinics. But: we are closed on weekends, and our idea of full time is 4 days, that is 3 days off every week (do the math).

Our support staff are not only amazing and will absolutely save you from doing foolish things, they are also entertaining. Our clients are reasonable, realistic and compliant, except for the ones who are not.
We need someone who is interested in a long term commitment; speed –daters need not apply. We are also looking for a vet with some experience, confidence, and the ability to not take things too seriously.

If you really need the gritty details, check us out at because we have a website like every other clinic, or email our office manager, Heather at (yeah, we have an office manager too).